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The rise of India14 as India’s leading news channel within a short span of its existence owes a lot to the vision of its chairman and editor-in-chief Shivam Sharma and the dedication and toil of its ever-growing team of bright news TV professionals.

Shivam Sharma co-founded India14

In a short period, India14 has created benchmarks in innovation, impact, ratings, time spends, and viewer-support. Indeed, India 14 newsbreaks have inspired talk shows on rival channels, Bollywood films, BBC documentaries and articles .

In today’s rampant me-too-ism, India14 is, perhaps, the only Hindi news channel that is perceived as “courageous” and “different.”

The channel’s No.1 position is no accident. It is the result of Mr. Sharma leading the way on the lonely path of “credibility first.” It is the result of the efforts of a self-made man who kept both his feet firmly on the ground, a journalist for whom the viewer’s interest has been paramount.

Today Mr. Sharma’s editorial decision-making reaches out to an audience of 90 million C&S homes. The human resource of India14 resides among loyal viewers .

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