Global market: Asia weak, pressure on SGX NIFTY, record weekly rise in Dow

Asian markets are seeing weakness. SGX NIFTY also sees 0.7 percent pressure. Today, Dow Futures is seeing a pressure of 300 points. However, there was a record weekly increase in US markets last week. The sentiment was improved by Fed’s major economic moves and the pace of the Corona transition. Last week, the Dow saw a record positive growth. Although US markets were closed on Friday. Last week, the Dow gained 12 percent, the S&P 500 12.1 fees. After 1974, the S&P 500 saw the biggest boom of the week. Nasdaq has had the most spectacular week since 2009. Nasdaq jumped 10.6 percent last week. The unemployment figure in the US has increased significantly. Last week, 6 million people have claimed jobless. Fed has also announced major economic steps. Fed announced a package of $ 2.3 lk Cr.

Meanwhile, there has been a historical agreement to reduce production among oil producing countries. To stop the prices, it has been decided to reduce the production to 97 lakh barrels a day from May 1. Mexico has agreed to cut a million barrels. Gold is seeing a surge in prices. Gold is showing a 7-year high in the international market. The price of gold on COMEX appears to be around $ 1750. The boom in gold has been witnessed by the announcement of economic relief from the FED.

The corona of Corona continues in the world. The number of corona patients in the world has increased to 17.8 lakhs. The number of corona patients in the US has increased to 5.32 lakh. Corona has killed 20600 people in the US. More than 16,900 people have lost their lives in Spain. There have been 108 new cases in China. 2 people died here. 112241 people have died due to corona in the world. Meanwhile Boris Johnson has been discharged from the hospital. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s health has improved.

At the same time, the number of corona patients in the country has increased to 8447. Corona has killed 273 people in the country. A lockdown has been announced in Maharashtra. The lockdown in Maharashtra will continue till April 30. Essential services will continue to be exempt from lockdown. Farming works will also be exempted in lockdown. West Bengal will also have a lockdown till April 30.

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