How Corona’s investigation report is prepared, what is the process and how much time does it take, know everything here

The Virology Lab of RMRI Hospital is the first lab in Bihar. This is where the data comes, after that the samples come, then they are kept in separate rooms, which is called RNA.

Patna: Pictures of misconduct are coming from health workers from different parts of the country. Somewhere stone pelted on medical team, then misbehaved with female health workers. These incidents are shocking and sad. In such a situation, questions are arising that those who are engaged in serving others without caring about their lives, why are they being misbehaved or attacked? In between these questions, the team of ABP News went to the Virology Lab and learned how difficult it is to investigate the corona and prepare a report while staying in the midst of the dangers of death.

According to official figures, the number of corona positive people in Bihar at present is 29. RMRI Hospital is the first hospital in Bihar, where investigation of samples of corona patients or suspects started. ABP News reached the hospital to know the process of sample investigation. India14 News journalists went to Virology Lab where, after the sample collection, the process of investigation starts.

What is the process of investigation?

The first sample is opened in a separate unit, the forms that are filled from there, list it here. A plate may contain 46 samples.

The data is then fed into the system. All things are given in the list of the patient, such as their travel history etc.

After putting the box in the test, it is kept separate for the record. There was a testing kit in a box, which was kept at a temperature of minus 20 degrees.

How is the report prepared?

The samples are converted into RNA, making the infection free. After this, they put it in PCR then put it in the archive. Then the RNA is applied, the RNAs that are prepared keep them separate, the RNA is tested in two different rooms. The real-time PCR machine shows whether the patient is positive or negative.

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