Jose Butler donated 60 lakh rupees, this amount was obtained by auctioning T-shirt

Coronavirus: Jose Butler has contributed significantly in the fight against the corona virus. Last week, he announced the auction of his T-shirt.

Coronavirus: The Corona virus has caused a serious crisis all over the world. England is one of the countries where most people are being killed due to Corona virus. In such a difficult time, England star player Jos Buttler has put his hand forward for help. Butler has given £ 65,000 (about Rs 60 lakh) to two London hospitals.

The special thing is that to provide financial help to the two hospitals, Butler has auctioned his T-shirt for the 2019 World Cup final. He has raised the funds for Royal Brampton and Hurtfield Hospital in London. England won the World Cup for the first time by defeating New Zealand under the Boundary Rules in a thrilling World Cup final match played at Lord’s on 14 July last year. Butler was part of that world-winning team.

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