Meat-fish and egg shops will open in Bihar, there is no risk of corona due to their consumption

Many claims are being made these days about the corona virus. Even they are being linked to food and drink. Regarding this matter, the Agriculture Secretary of the Bihar government, N. Shravan has given information in a press conference.

Patna: In a press conference of Bihar government’s agriculture secretary N Shravan said that agriculture and animal husbandry sectors will remain out of lockdown and meat, fish and egg shops will be opened. There will be no restriction on the transport of animal fodder and agriculture related materials. Secretary said that corona virus infection is not associated with meat fishes. Indian poultry is safe to eat right now.

Secretary N Shravan said that no virus bacteria could survive on cooking above 100 degrees. In this regard, Food Safety and Standards Authority of India has given a report, on the basis of which it has been ordered that now meat, fish and egg shops will be open in Bihar but social distance will have to be followed. The misconceptions that are being spread are wrong.

For farmers, shops of fertilizer, seeds and agricultural machinery have been completely exempted. People will also be allowed to come from outside to buy wheat. For this, the District Collector will give special permission to the vehicles. In Bihar, milk is supplied from Sudha Dairy, in such a situation, Sudha’s milk shop will now be open till 8:00 pm. This rule has been issued today.

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