Corona patients exceed 400,000 and 13,000 deaths in US

Corona patient number 400,000 in US love and 13,000 deaths Here even today, all 24 cases may have been reported in excess of 30000. Same death toll crossed 1300 New York – 731 people have died during 24 hours in New York, the center of the corona virus in the US. This is the most […]

Across the world, the number of corona patients has reached 14,00,000.

Across the world, the number of corona patients has reached 14,00,000 and the number of deaths has also reached 80,000. There is outcry over the world about Corona, while in America, the number of corona patients has reached 400000. America’s President Donald Trump says that conditions are not being controlled in America, more than 1000 […]

Pakistan’s economy collides with Corona, Imran made several announcements

In an important decision, Imran Khan also announced the withdrawal of arrears on many areas of construction except cement and steel. Islamabad The economy of Pakistan is staggering due to the lockdown imposed for the prevention of Corona virus. In view of this, Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan said that no one can say with […]

Pakistan: 46 people on their way home hiding in container arrested during lockdown

Police officials say that all the people detained are laborers,who were going to their homes after being unemployed due to lockdown. Islamabad Jamshoro police in Pakistan has arrested 46 people going to other cities under the guise of goods transport due to the lockdown. Police sources have said that there were 46 people in the […]

Corona: US death toll crosses 7500, 1,084 deaths in one day

In America, the death toll due to coronavirus infection has crossed 7 thousand. Washington: Coronavirus continues to wreak havoc in America. The death toll is not being taken as a name. On Friday, the death toll due to infection has crossed 7 thousand. On Friday, 1,084 people died due to corona infection. In the US, […]

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